How to apply to be a Registered Developer

‚ÄčThis page explains the process for applying to be a Registered Developer with the New Homes Quality Board.  The diagram shows the high level process with the detail of each step explained below.

Step 01

Complete application

Step 02

Invoicing / payment

Step 03

Enter subsidiaries

Step 04

Download resources

Step 05

Complete training

Step 06

Update marketing & website with new logos

Step 07

Update Customer Charter & Complaints Handling Procedure

Step 08

Update process to include a Pre-Completion Inspection

Step 09

Confirm activation plan

Step 10




Please note: Steps 4-8 can be completed in any order within these steps but must 
be completed before Step 9


Step 1: Complete initial application to become a Registered Developer

The New Homes Quality Board are currently accepting applications from the developers of new build homes;

  1. Built for private sale (i.e., excludes developments of new builds which are solely for Buy to Let and Shared Ownership properties).
  2. Built-in England, Scotland, or Wales.

Please use the contact us to register your details if you would like to be kept informed of when the New Homes Quality Board will be accepting other application types.

During this first stage of the application, you will need to provide various details about your organisation.  These include elements such as;

  • Type of legal entity (i.e., Private Limited Company, Public Limited company, Sole Trader, etc.)
  • Where applicable, company or charity number(s)
  • Your previous year’s turnover from new homes for private sale
  • The number of new homes for private sale you built in the last financial year and forecast to build in this and the next financial year
  • The name of your Warranty provider(s) (i.e., an insurance-backed warranty or insurance policy issued by one of the Home Warranty Bodies, providing the Customer with cover for the New Home.)
  • Contact details
    • Primary contact: The individual accountable for the day-to-day management of the relationship with the New Homes Quality Board (i.e., Owner, Finance Director, Company Secretary)
    • Secondary contact: Where possible an alternative contact who would deputise for the primary contact if they were unavailable (Owner, Finance Director, Company Secretary)
  • Where your organisation requires a purchase order the contact details of the individual (or team) who will manage the process.

We require that the application to be a Registered Developer is completed at the parent / holding company level.  You will be able to add details of your associated organisations (such as wholly-owned subsidiaries, joint ventures, and/or special purpose vehicles) who are also involved in the building, selling and after-care of new homes following the completion of your application.

We recommend that the application to be a Registered Developer is completed by the Owner, Finance Director, Company Secretary, or a similar individual who has the authority to commit the organisation to pay the annual registration fee.  You will get the opportunity to add the details of other individuals within your organisation (if required) to support with Finance and Training.

Step 2: Invoice / Payment Process

Once you have completed your initial application, an invoice will be sent to you, and where a purchase order is required, we will contact you in order to be set up on your system.

You are able to select one of the following payment options as part of your application to be a Registered Developer.

  1. Prompt Payer Fee – payment required to be received in full within 30 calendar days of this application being submitted.  Where the payment is not received in full within 30 calendar days of the application submission you will be required to pay the full non discounted registration fee.
  2. Two equal installments - the first to be invoiced in the month of application for payment within 30 calendar days and the second 6 months later
  3. Four quarterly installments – the first to be invoiced in the month of application for payment within 30 calendar days and the remainder 3, 6, and 9 months in equal amounts.

Please note that completion of the application form and payment of the annual registration fee does not mean you are a registered developer until the transition process in steps 3 to 10 are complete.

Steps 3 to 10: Transition to becoming a Registered Developer

On confirmation of receipt of payment, you will be given access to various assets in order to complete your readiness preparations prior to ‘activation’ as a Registered Developer.  The assets include:

  • online training module
  • logos and branding guidelines
  • pre-completion inspection checklists
  • template letters and forms to support you in amending your internal processes

Once you have all this supportive collateral you will be expected to complete all the changes within your business that you feel necessary to be able to comply with the new requirements. Once you have done this and are ready to activate as a Registered Developer, you will need to complete a declaration.  The declaration confirms all the information you have provided is accurate and your organisation is ready to comply with the New Homes Quality Code and come under the remit of the New Homes Ombudsman Service.  This declaration must be made by an individual with the ability to bind your organisation – usually a CEO, CFO, or similar. 

Once complete a date will be agreed for your activation as a Registered Developer.  All homes reserved from that point forward will be covered by the requirements of the New Homes Quality Code and come under the remit of the New Homes Ombudsman Service.